Society keeps changing, the cultural industry is in constant evolution and music industry isn’t the exception. From the very first artistic expression considered as music, technology has guided the most relevant changes: this phenomenon is known as musical convergence.

The end of the physical distribution era of music has opened new paths to independent artists, especially due to the access to new tech tools and to the making of new commercial strategies for the production and distribution based on the principles of the sharing economy.

Recently it has come to evidence a new approach, after the success stories in different markets, calling crowdfunding as the future of music: one of the most remarkable success campaign made by the singer Amanda Palmer. From Rock-Stars to “garage” bands, there are many who are now experiencing this new entrepreneur approach, and more platforms are coming to live with the objective to promote success campaigns that easily become mainstream news.

My route for the thesis has started by analyzing present crowdfunding platforms and the artist involved, to comprehend which could be the weakness in this model. Once established the guidelines I have created Fan Label: an answer to the needs that anybody that is willing to live by doing music without compromises nor intermediaries. A project studied for the Colombian market, where the music industry is strong but crowdfunding is still weak: The perfect scenario to experiment how much can be crowdfunding the future of music.

The Service

The service was structured after processing a user framework that help me to understand the insights from the possible users, a matrix with features-possibilities-risks was developed at first. This allowed me to understand and develop the personas and the user archetypes: The multitask musician, the original groupie, the starving fan, and the folklore music enthusiast. After establishing the personas, a customer journey for each case was developed which let me determine a matrix with specific needs-features matrix, for the service solutions that the user interface can resolve.

For the service instead, the very first framework help determining the three core complementary services for a competitive differentiation. Banking solutions, Manufacturing alliances, and Marketing consultancy.
complementary service banking solutions
complementary service marketing consultancy
complementary service manufacture alliances
customer journey
platform benchmarking
platform benchmarking
brand manual

The Campaign

This activation campaign will consist in two separate parts: First the jam session that will be organized in different ways to invite fans to play, improvise and chat with the artists. The sessions will be recorded and then streamed on YouTube’s Fan Label channel, transmitting the message of fans being part of their artists creative process.

The second phase will communicate how through using Fan Label's platform, the same core sinsight of participation and active fan can be done using our services.
Banking solutions
Marketing Consultancy
Manufacture Alliances
Personas: The multitask musician and The original groupie
Customer Journey: Nicolás, the multitask musician
Platform's benchmarking: Kickstarter
Platform's benchmarking: Music Raiser
Rise of streaming platfomrs graph
Brand's manual